Welcome to the Wyndemere Homeowners Association, Apple Valley MN

There is a wealth of valuable information available on this website - maps, documents, convenants, contact information. And even more information is available to Wyndemere residents. Click here to login with your email address and password. Don't have a password? Click here to have yours sent to you.

News on Dues

Annual dues will be reduced from $85 to $75 this year based on the 2014 budget and projected expenses. Invoices will be sent by May 10th, with a due date of June 15th. Please contact us if you have not yet received your 2014 invoice.

Calling All Board Members

We are always looking for additional board members. Your commitment would be 2 meetings per year to discuss budget and improvement/maintenance projects for our community. Currently we have 3 board members representing 149 families in Wyndemere. Please consider being a board member to share in the planning and execution of those plans so we can keep our community looking great and welcoming to future families.

The position of treasurer will become vacant this next Fall. Beth Berger, who has been in this position since 2009 is looking for someone to take over the position. The time commitment for this position is approx. 3 hrs/month to reconcile bank account, pay bills, collect and deposit annual dues (June-August). If anyone is interested in volunteering their time please contact Dave, Craig or Beth.

Covenant Reminders

  • Children's play equipment, shall be allowed in the rear yards of lots
  • Recreational vehicles (boat, motor home, ATV, travel trailer, etc.) parking is allowed in Wyndemere driveways ONLY for 24 hours.
  • An Owner may construct fencing on the Owner's Lot provided the material(s) and color(s) of the fencing are compatible with the material(s) and color(s) of the Residential Structure(s) and existing fences located both on that Owner's Lot and in the neighborhood. No chain-link fencing shall be allowed as perimeter fencing on any part of a Lot.
  • No structures other than your residential structure shall be allowed on any Lot.
  • Read the full Declaration of Covenants


Solicitors who come into our neighborhood are required to have a license from the city that is visible. If a solicitor knocks on your door and does not have a license that is visible, please turn them away. We want to be sure that we are not opening our doors to criminals posing as solicitors and taking cash from people, and/or potentially “casing” properties in order come back and burglarize.